bouncing name

Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = use your own critters.
Terms of use = Please read

This is quite a lengthy tutorial and preparation is the main issue.
I was inspired by Edna's tutorial how to deform letters, but using the same method, one can do a lot of different things.
Now, that's enough talk.
Let's begin.

Step 1
Open a new canvas 550 x 200 - transparent.
Click on the Text tool  text tool  and choose a fat font like Arial bold or Eras (which I have used).


Eras - 2D - size 70 - border 2 black (it is important to do a border)- choose a colour from the material box.
In the Tool Setting box - spacing - put in 5. We need some space between the letters.
Type your name and move it to the bottom and centre it.
Duplicate once.
In the Tool Setting box - split the text.  split text
Repeat with the second name.

Step 2
Now we start distorting each letter from the second name set.
Click on the first letter to activate.
R/click - image to path.

image to path

Click on the text tool and than on the edit path tool.  path tool Now move the nodes that you have a dint in the top of the letter and curve the sides also.


Repeat with each letter from the second set.
Leave the first set of letter as they are.

Step 3
Now r/click on each letter - path to image.
Your Layer Manager should look like this.

layer manager

Step 4
Open your critter and make it fit.
Duplicate the critter and flip it horizontally.
Place the original one on top of the first letter.
Place the flipped duplicate on the last letter.
Crop away the sides of the canvas, leaving the hight intact.
Save as ufo to a place you can find it again.

Step 5
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.


Find your ufo file.
Close all eyes of the second set of letters and the flipped critter.


Activate the critter in the Layer Manager (it will have a box around it).
Move the critter up a little.
Duplicate frame.

Step 6
On the second frame, close the eye of the first letter - open the eye of the distorted first letter.
Move the critter down onto the letter.


Duplicate frame.
In the third frame, close the eye of the first distorted letter.
Open the eye of the first letter.
Move the critter up half way between the first and second letter.
Duplicate frame.
Fourth frame.
Close the eye of the second letter.
Open the eye of the second distorted letter.
Move the critter down onto the letter.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat with all the other letters, always moving the critter forward and up and down till you come to the last letter.
Now close the eye of the critter and open the eye of the flipped critter.
Now do the same thing backwards with the flipped critter.
I have about 24 frames, but you may have more or less.

Step 7
Click on the first frame - hold down the shift key - click on the last frame.
It will highlight all frames in the storyline.
R/click - Frame Properties and put in 20.
In the Layer Manager highlight all objects by holding down the Ctrl key.
They all have to be blue.
Go to Edit - Crop Canvas.
Go to Edit again - resize - reduce the hight to about 120 or less.
The width will adjust itself.
Preview your animation.
If you like what you have created,
Optimize it.
Because it is such a huge file, I have optimized mine with 64 line.

Hope you could follow my tut easily and enjoyed doing this animation.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.