Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Beginner
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read


The materials include the font, spider and the cobweb.
If you like, use your own font, but it has to be a fat font and you may have a better spider.
You can use my cobweb or you can create one. I will show you how.
Any similarity to other tutorials is unintentional.

Lets start.

Step 1
Open a new canvas 550 x 110 - white.
Write your name and split the text.

split text

Distort each letter with the transform tools to your liking.


Step 2
Make a cobweb or use mine.
To make the cobweb, open a new canvas - 300 x 300 - transparent.
Click on the outline drawing tool - Custom shapes - Hexagon 2.


Draw the hexagon to fill the canvas (approx. 260 pix wide) and centre it.
With the transform tool reduce it by 40 pix - centre it.


Repeat till you cannot reduce anymore.
With the line & arrow tool - hairline - line - draw a line from top to bottom.
Duplicate the line - rotate to the next point.


Voila`, you have a cobweb.
Save as ufo

Step 3
Duplicate (Ctrl + D) the cobweb - transform tool - reduce the size to about 150pix.
Back to the name tag.
Click on the magic want. want
Select the inside of your first letter.


Go to Selection - expand by 1 pix - click OK.


Click on the cobweb - copy.
Click on the name tag - go to Edit - paste into selection.
Move the cobweb where you want it to be - click the mouse button.
No need to copy the cobweb again.
Repeat with all the other letters.

Step 4
Now, one by one, r/c - merge the letter and cobweb letter as single object.


While the last merged letter is still active
R/click - select all objects - r/click - merge as single object.

Step 5
Close the eye of the base.
Move your name to the top of the canvas.
Open the spider.
Reduce the size to about 25 height.
Copy - paste on to the name tag.
Move the spider to the top of one letter - r/c - duplicate.


With the down arrow on the dashboard, bring it down that it just covers the head of the spider above.
Close the eye of the spider above.
With the line & arrow tool, draw a little line where the spider is hanging on to.
Repeat duplicating the spider - move down - draw a line.
I have five spiders and four lines.
Open the eyes of the first and last spider.
Crop the image.
Now close the eyes of the spiders again.
Save as ufo to a place you will find it again.

Step 6
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing image file.


Step 7
Open the eye of the name and the first spider - duplicate frame.


Keep the eye of the name open.
Close the eye of the first spider - open the second spider and the line.
Duplicate frame.
Open the next spider and line - closing the one below.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat till you have all the spiders and lines done.

Step 8

dup frames

Now, click on the first frame in the storyline.
Hold down the shiftkey - click on the last frame.
Click on Duplicate frames.


R/click - revers frame order - revers the order of the selected frames.


Delete the sixth and tenth frame.


R/click - animation properties - put in twenty.

Step 9
Preview your animation.
If you like what you have done
Optimize it.
Save as gif.

Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.