Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Beginner
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read



Let's start by unzipping the ding font and install it in PI.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 300 x 300 transparent.
With the text tool  text tool  KR Nick's Dinos - size 250 - black.


Type the letter capital P.
Centre it.
R/click - convert from path to image.

type letter P

Step 2
R/click and duplicate four times. ( you have five Dinos).

Step 3
Keep the last duplicate active.

last active

Close the eyes of the four other Dinos.
With the eraser tool, eraser tool  erase everything except the big leg.

big leg

Open the eye of the next Dino down.
Keep the leg active.
With the transform rotate tool  rotate tool  rotate the leg and fit it to the ankle of the back foot.


Step 4
Activate the Dino you are just using and erase everything except the hind leg like this.


Open the eye of the third Dino.
Rotate the foot and fit to the body like this.

rotate hindfoot

Step 5
Activate the Dino you are just using.
With the eraser tool erase everything except the arm.


Open the eye of the Dino below.
It should be the first Duplicate.
With the transform rotate tool, rotate the arm and make it fit.

rotate arm

Step 6
Activate this Dino.
open the eye of the first and second leg and the arm.
With the eraser, erase the legs and both arms.


Step 7
With the paintbrush - black - size 2 - paint as object clicked.

paint as object

Fix the arm and all open spaces on the belly.
Click out of paint as object.
If there are bits you don't want, erase them.

Step 8
Activate all the bits (arm, legs and Dino) belonging to this Dino.
R/click - merge as single object.

Step 9
Let's give Dino some color.
With the paintbrush - color of your choice - size to suit - paint as object clicked.
Paint the Dino. ( I have used green and red )
Paint just a tiny bit over the edges, the black still showing.
You can paint over the lines inside the Dino.
Click out of object paint.
Pull the color Dino under the outline Dino in the layer manager.

Step 10
Open the eye of the base (Background).
With the magic want  magic want  select the eyes (use the plus sign) - r/c - convert to object.
Close the eye on the background.
Move the eyes under the outline Dino in the layer manager.


Select the outline Dino, colored Dino and the eyes - r/c - merge as single object.

Step 11
Repeat step 9 and 10 with the first Dino.
Now you have two Dinos.
Activate both Dinos and crop the image as close as you can.
Save as ufo.

Step 12
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.


In the layer manager, close the eye of the second Dino.
Add a frame.
Open the eye of the second Dino, close the eye the first Dino.
In the storyline, change the time on both frames to 30 or whatever you think looks right.
Preview your animation and if you like what you have created,
Optimize it  optimize  and save as gif.


Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.