Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Beginner
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material - Rclick, Save As = here
Terms of use = Please read



Step 1
Open the Doggy.
In the Layer Manager, close the Eye of the tubers sign.
R/c and copy.

Step 2
Open a new canvas - 300 x 300 - white.
Paste the doggy into your new canvas and center it.


R/c and merge all.

Step 3
With the lasso tool lasso select around the eyes like this.


R/c - convert to object.

Step 4
With the warp tool  warptool  size7 - pull the hair down as far as you can, without distorting the eyes.

Deselect by clicking on the white backgroung. (This picture is missleading, because I made the screen shot later).

Step 5
With the lasso tool select around the nose.


R/c - convert to object - duplicate.

Step 6
Activate the first nose - warp tool - size 30x20 - push to the right - deselect.
Activate the second nose - warp tool - same size - push to the left - deselect.

Step 7
With the magic want magic-want click on the white background - r/c - invert - r/c - convert to object.

Step 8
In the Layer Manager close the eye of the base image.
Save as ufo

Step 9
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.
Find your ufo file.


Step 10
In the Layer Manager, close all eyes except the bottom one.
Add a frame.


In the Layer Manager, open the eye of the first nose - add a frame.


Closing the eye of first nose - open the eye of the second nose - open the hairy eyes - add a frame.
Close both noses. (no frame)

In the Layer Manager, activate the doggy.
Go to Edit - crop canvas.

In the storyline, click on the first frame - r/c - Frame Properties -time 35.
Repeat with the last frame.
Leave the second and third frame at default.

Highlight the storyline by clicking on the first frame, holding down the shift key, click on the last frame.
Go to Edit - resize image and put in 200.

Preview your animation and if you like what you have done,
Optimize it.
Save as gif


Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.