Author     = Hildi
Soft ware = PI & Gif Animator
Skill level  = Intermediate
Title          = Firework
Terms       = Please read



Let's start.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 550 x 110 - white.

open new canvas

Step 2
Choose a mask from the Easy Palette. I did choose mask 106.


Step 3
R/c - convert to Object.

conver to object

Step 4
Transform tool - open the lock - extend the sides of the mask, so your name fits in nicely.

open lock


Center it.  centre

Step 5
Fill   bucket  with black.

Step 6
Choose a font - size 60 - 3d round - white - write your name - center it - adjust the mask according to your name.

Step 7
Highlight the mask.

Step 8
Go to the Easy Palette - Gallery -Special Effects - Fireworks.

easy palette

Choose a firework (I did choose firework 8).
R/c - modify.


Step 9
Click on the animate button.


This is what you will see.


Step 10
Change to six frames - firework 1 - click on the first button - click the arrow for the next button - make sure the second button is alive and not the third one.
If it's not, click on the plus button - click the arrow for the next button - keep clicking on the arrow till you have all six frames.

Step 11
Preview your animation.

click loop

Save as gif to a place you can find it again.

Step 12
Now go back to your name ( I left mine plain, but if you like you can animate this one too. If you do, make sure you have six frames).

Step 13
Save your name as ufo.

Step 14
Open Gif Animator.

Open existing file.

open existing file

Step 15
Find the firework ufo.

add image

Add image - find your name - move it into the middle - click on Synchronize across frames.
If it does not synchronize evenly, follow the screen shot - when you have done all six frames, open all the eyes in the Layer Manager.

Step 16
Hold down Ctrl key and click on each object in the Layer Manager (they all have to be blue).

Step 17
Edit - crop canvas.

Step 18
Leave time at default.

Step 19
Preview your animation.

Step 20
And if you like what you have done Optimize it.


Step 21
Save as gif.

You're done.


Hope you could follow my tutorial easily.





This tutorial is the property of Hildi.