Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read

Step 1
Open the fish and duplicate (Ctrl + D)
Close the original, we don't need it anymore.
Flip horizontally.

Step 2
With the magic want  want  select the red, - r/c convert to object - duplicate.
On the duplicate, use the distortion tool and pull the right corner down a little like this.


Use the paint-brush - size two - black - Effect - Creative - paint on edge. Deselect by clicking on the white background.

Step 3
With the magic want do the tail - r/c convert to object - Effect - Creative - paint on edge - duplicate.
On the Duplicate, use the resize tool - open lock  lock push the right side in about ten pix.
With the slant tool  slant-tool  push the tail up a little like this.



Step 4
Repeat with the fin and each bottom fin.
Duplicate two times.


Step 5
With the magic want, select the eye - r/c - convert to object - duplicate two times.
Activate the second eye and move it with the arrow key on your dash-board a little to the right and down.
Activate the third eye and move it to the left and down or where ever you fancy.

Step 6
With the magic want, select all the bubbles including the black edge.
Zoom in that can see what you are doing.
R/c - convert to object - duplicate four times.
Activate the second bubble and with the arrow key on your dash-board, click six times the up-arrow.
Repeat with the third, fourth and fifth bubble, always clicking the up arrow 12, 18, 24 times.

Step 7
With the magic want, select the water images.
Zoom in, that you do not miss anything.
It should look like this.

R/c - convert to object - duplicate two times.
Activate the second water image - click four times on the right arrow key on your dash-board. Deselect.
Repeat with the third water image, but click eight times. Deselect.

Step 8
Now, close all the eyes in the layer manager except the base.
With the magic want, click on the white background - r/c - invert - r/c - convert to object.
With the eraser tool, erase everything around the fish body like this.


With the paintbrush - white - size eight, paint out the eye.
Open all eyes in the layer manager again.
Move the fish above the bubbles.
Close the eye of the base image.
Your layer manager should look like this.


Make sure the lower fins fit properly, if not, fix it.


When you have fixed everything and you are happy with the look of the fish,
Save it as ufo to a place where you find it again.

Step 8
Open Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.


Step 9


Close all the eyes of the duplicates and open the eyes of the first water image, bubbles, fish, fins, eye and red.
Add a frame.

Step 10


Open the eyes of the second water image, second bubbles, second fins, second eye and the second red.
Closing the eyes of the first water, bubbles, fins, eye and red.
Add a frame.
Repeat with the next frames, alternate the red and tail. The fins go up and down. The water, when done the three, start from the first one again. Keep going with the bubbles till the end of them.
Always add a frame.
There should be six frames.

Step 11
In the storyline, click on the first frame - hold down the shift key - click on the last frame. R/c - animation Properties - set the time to 20.

Step 12
Go to Edit - resize image - put in 150 in hight, the width will adjust itself.

Step 13
Preview your animation.
If you like what you have created,
Optimize it.
Save as gif


Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.