Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
You also need the two filters Graphic Plus and Tramagen
The horse    = here
Terms of use = Please read

This is quite a complex tutorial, so make yourself a cup of your favorite broth and now we can start.
Don't forget to save often.

Step 1
Unzip the filters and put them into the Filter folder you are using for PI.
I have transported mine into Filters Unlimited.
Unzip the horse (it's in ufo format).

Step 2
Open a new canvas 500x500 - white. (you can choose a BG colour later)
With the path tool  path tool  - oval - colour wood from the EP - 2D - create an oval.
Duplicate this oval.
Activate the first oval - go to Effect - Graphic Plus - Pinwheel and use these settings.

pinwheel 1

Repeat with the second oval, but move the Spinner to 12.

It should look like this.


Step 3
We need a bottom border.
Path drawing tool  path tool  - shape  S46 colour wood (same as before)- draw the shape.
With the transform tool active, flip this image upside down and make it fit to the oval.



Step 4
We need a foot to stand the carousel on.
Path drawing tool - triangle - colour metallic steel  steel3  - 3D round.

steel triangle

With the path edit tool  path edit tool make the bottom of the triangle round like this.


You may have to smudge or blur it a little to look good.
Resize it if needed.
Bring it to the bottom.

Step 5
With the same triangle shape - colour red - Trim, draw a bigger triangle and shape the bottom round as before.
Go to Effect - Tramages - Starmaker and use these settings.


With the perspective transform tool  transform tool  - open lock - pull the sides out as far as you can.


With the normal transform tool  transform tool  resize the roof to fit the carousel.
Activate the steel stand and duplicate it.
Move it to the top of the roof and resize it to fit.

Step 6
With the path drawing tool or the line & arrow tool, colour steel as before, make a pole in the middle to hold the roof up.

Step 7
The roof need a bit of a fringe.
With the path drawing tool - custom - shape Fr23  Fr23   colour red - draw a big oval.
Erase everything what is to much and fit the border to the bottom of the roof.
Hold down the shift key and click on each roof part (roof - border - steel topper) - merge as single object.

Step 8
Open the horse I have provided and prepared for you or if you have a better one, use this.
Activate both, the horse and the pole.
Copy - paste on to the carousel and resize it to fit.
While still active, duplicate three times (four horse & poles).
The first horse leave as is.
Click on the second horse (not the pole)and with the arrow key on the dashboard click six times up.
Now, activate the pole as well - merge as single object.
Click on the third horse and move it up twelve (12) times with the arrow key on the dashboard.
Duplicate the second horse and pole and move it on top of the other horses.
For demonstration, I have moved the horses apart and they should look like this.


Step 9
Move the horses to the left of the carousel like this.

first set

I have used the arrow keys to move each horse. This way you get a proper distance for each one.
Leave the first horse where it is.
Move the second horse 8 pix.
Move the third horse 16 pix.
Move the fourth horse 24 pix.
Now make all horses active - duplicate.
Move the duplicates forward to fit in front of the last set.
You have to adjust each horse to match the curve. Use the arrow key for this.
Repeat once more.
Now, go back to the very first horse and with the transform tool - open lock - push the left side in, that the hind leg is even with the carousel.

horse transform

Repeat with the second horse.
If neccessary do the third horse as well.
Now go the the last horse.


Do the same, but on the right side

Step 10
Activate all horses and duplicate.


Click on the transform tool and mirror them.
Resize them a little smaller.
You have to adjust them again to fit the curve.
Move all the mirrored horses behind the steel pole.
Now, click on any object - r/c select all.
With the transform tool, reduce the size to about 250 hight.
Now crop the image as close to the carousel as possible.
Save as ufo to a place you will find it again.

Step 11
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.


In the Layer Manager, open the eyes of the steel base, wood border, 1. oval, every fourth horse, the rod and the roof.

Layer Manager

This is your first frame.
Duplicate frames.


Keep the base, border, rod and roof open.
Open the eyes of the second oval and every second horse from the set of the four horses.
Closing the one below.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat with the other two horses and alternate the oval.
The storyline should look like this.

4 frames

Click on the first frame - hold down the shift key - click on the last frame.
It will highlight all frames in the storyline.
R/click - Frame Properties and put in 20.

Step 12
Preview the animation and if you like what you have created,
Optimize it. Save as gif

I hope you have enjoyed creating this Merry go around.




This tutorial is the property of Hildi.