Title       = NightyNight
Software = PhotoImpact Gif Animator
Author    = Hildi Russell
Homepage = Hildi's Animation Tutorials
Skill level = Beginner
Term of use = Please read
You need = A fat font
The stars  = here
Description = Learn how to make a Floaty and how to use it.

A good idea is opening the star in PI - click on the stamp and add it to your stamp Gallery.


Let's begin with making a Floaty.

Step 1
Open a new canvas 200x200 - dark blue.

blue canvas

Step 2
Start decorating your dark blue canvas with stars. bigger star star

When done, r/c on one star - select all - merge as single object.

Step 3
Now start decorating again, but place the stars a little more down and add a few on the top.
Close the eye of the merged stars in the Layer Manager - r/c - select all - merge as single object.
Repeat with the third layer.

Step 4
Now close the eyes of the second and third layer in the Layer manager and save as  jpg in a folder you will find it. Repeat, closing the  first and third layer - save as jpg. Repeat closing the first and second layer - save as jpg. Your saved float frames should look like this.


Step 5
Now we start with opening a new canvas - 550x110 - transparent.


Choose a nice fat font - color black - 3D - size 60 - in the material box, change the settings like this and click OK.


Now do your text - write NihgtyNight - r/c on the text -duplicate - change the Duplicate from 3D to Pipe.

In the Material Box change these settings and choose a color (I chose gold.).

Now click on your solid text - r/c - convert from path to image - duplicate 2x (3 text layers).

Move your gold frame to the top and activate the first text ( hold down Ctrl key - click on the first text in the Layer Manager).
Go to Edit - fill - image and find your saved first star floaty.


Step 11
Repeat with second and third text always changing the image of the floaty. When done - save as ufo.

Step 12
Now we are ready to animate.

Open Gif Animator - click on 'open existing file'.

You will have one frame showing with everything stuck on top of the other.

Step 13
In the Layer manager - close the eyes of the second and third text.


In the story line - add a frame.


Sep 14
Close the first and third eye - add a frame - close the first and second eye (do not add another frame).

Step 15
Open all eyes in the Layer Manager - click on the bottom frame in the layer manager - hold down the Ctrl key - click on each layer to activate.

Go to Edit - crop canvas - close all eyes except the gold frame and the first text

Step 16
Click on the first fame in the story line - hold down the shift key - click on the last frame - it will activate the lot.

R/c - Frame Properties.


Set the time to fifteen.


You're done

Step 17
Review your animation

If you like what you have done.

Step 18
Optimize it.

Step 19
Save as gif.


Hope you could follow my tut easily.




This tutorial is the property of Hildi.