Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = any ocean photo or you can use mine.
You need      = Flaming Pear / flood.
Terms of use = Please read


Let's start with unzipping the picture and save it to a folder you can find it again.
Now, open the picture in Photo Impact and duplicate it (Ctrl+D).
Close the original, we do not need it anymore.

Step 1
As you can see, the horizon is not straight and to get it more accurate, we separate the water.
With the rectangular selection tool, select all the water.


R/c on the selection, convert to object.

Step 2
Duplicate this selected water two times. (you have three water objects)
Your Layer Manager should look like this.


Now close the eyes of the second and third water,
Activate the first water.
Open the flood filter.


Use these settings for the first frame.
Click OK.
Activate the second water and open the eye.
Open the flood filter again and follow the steps on this screen shot.


Click OK.
Repeat with the third water.


Click OK.

Step 3
Now we are going to correct the horizon.
Activate the first water, closing the eye of the two above.
With the distortion tool  distort-tool   pul the left corner down to be even with the pictures horizon.


Repeat with the other two.
Save as ufo.

Step 4
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.

gif animator

Open the eyes of the base and first water.
Close the eyes of the second and third water.
Duplicate frame.
Open the second water,
Closing the first.
Duplicate frame.
Open the third eye.
Close the second eye.
Activate all frames by clicking on the fist frame, holding dow the shift key, click on the last frame.
R/c - animation Properties - set the time to 20.

Step 5
You could optimize it now, but the file will be huge.
Go to Edit - Resize.
I have resized to 300 width, the hight will adjust itself.
Now optimize and save as gif.

Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.