Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator and the VM Toolbox Filter
Knowledge of how to use PI
Terms of use = Please read

I have converted this tut from a psp tut into a PI tut.
The idea came from Kims Pixel Hub and I hope she does not mind.
I could not get a written permission from her, because her email button does lead to nowhere.
Lets start.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 550 x 110 - transparent.
Click on the text tool  texttool  - size 70 - 3D round. Use a fat font. I have use Cooper black.
Write your name all in capital letters.
Now, in the text Tool Setting box, click 'split text'.

split text

While the letter are still active, r/click - duplicate.

Step 2
Activate the first letter - click on the distortion tool  distort   and the rotate tool  rotate tool  and adjust to 10 degree  rotate
On the letter move the centre cross to the bottom like this.


Now click on the counterclockwise button.
Repeat with all the letters from the first set.

Step 3
To make it easier later on, move each rotated letter under the original letter.
Your Layer Manager should look like this.

layer manager

Step 4
We need a ball.
I have taken the tennis ball from the Stamp Gallery  stamp  and turned it red with Hue& saturation.


I made the ball smaller too, instead 100%, I reduced to 80%.
Duplicate the ball.

Step 5
We need a paddle.
With the path drawing tool - eclipse - 2D - colour green - draw an oval.
I have given mine a texture - VM Tool Box - Grid with these settings.


Make a frame around the oval and add a handle.
Merge the oval, frame and handle as single object.
Duplicate and rotate one of the paddles 10 degree to the left. (don't forget to move the little cross to the bottom)
Move the two paddles under the balls in the Layer Manager.
Save as ufo

Step 6
Open the Gif Animator.


Open an existing file.


In the Layer Manager, close all the eyes of the rotated letters, the top ball and the rotated paddle.
Duplicate frame.


On the second frame, open the second ball, you may have to move the ball a bit.
To do this, highlight the ball in the Layer Manager. It will have a frame around it. Now you can move it.
Open the second paddle, closing the first one.
Open the first tilted letter, close the one above.
Duplicate frame.
On the third frame, open the first ball, closing the second ball.
Close the tilted paddle, open the straight one.
Open the straight letter, close the tilted one.
Repeat with the other letters always moving the ball into position.

Step 9
To get the timing right, look at my storyline.


Step 10
To reduce the kb's, crop the canvas.
When you are happy with your animation,
Optimize it.
Save as gif

Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.