party ani

Author       = Hildi
Skill level   = Intermediate
Software    = PI & Gif Animator
You need   = A ready made Animation and a fat font. You can use my ani and font
Material      = here
Terms of use = Please read

Description = Learn how to make a color flow and let a dog run across the screen.



Let's start.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 550 x 110 - transparent.

new canvas

Step 2
Choose a font - black - size 60 - 3d


Step 3
Write Party Time - duplicate.


Step 4
Change from 3d to pipe.

change to pipe

Step 5
Change the width to two and choose a color which compliments your fill color.


Step 6
Click on the solid black one.
R/c - convert from path to image.


Step 7
Duplicate four times (five frames).

Step 8
Move the colored frame to the top.

move frame

Step 9
Click on the first frame in the Layer Manager to activate.


Step 10
Edit - fill.


Magic Gradient.

magic gradient

turn wheel

Click OK.

Step 11
Repeat with each frame, moving the wheel to - 0 - 72 - 144 - 216 - 288.

Step 12
Crop the canvas, leaving the hight, but take away the empty space on the sides.

Now the fun starts.

Step 13
Open the animation in PI - highlight ´open each frame as object´ on the pop-up.

open each frame as object

Step 14
In the Layer Manager, open all the eyes.

Step 15
Click on  the dog ani.
Activate the first dog in the Layer Manager - go to the dog ani - copy.
Activate your main ani - paste.
Move the dog to the left using the keyboard arrows (don't move it with the courser).

Step 16
Repeat with the second dog leaving the first dog open that you can see what you are doing.
Activate the second dog in the Layer Manager - go to the dog ani - copy.
Activate the main ani - paste.
Moving the dog with the arrow key that it is in front of the first dog.

move dog

Step 17
Repeat till you have all the dogs done.

Step 18
There are 20 dog frames. When you have done them all, you will end up a bit over the  middle.

Step 19
In the layer manager, activate all the dogs by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each layer to turn them blue (to select them all). It will look like this.

select all dogs

right click and duplicate

Step 20
With the courser, hover over the activated dogs in your main ani - r/c - duplicate.
While active, use the arrow key and move them to fit on the end of the first lot of dogs, letting them overlap like before.
Your animation should look like this.

save as ufo

Step 21
Save as ufo to a place where you find it again.

Step 22
Open Gif Animator.
Click on ´open an existing file´.

open existing file

Step 23
Close all eyes except the first Text - colored frame - first dog.
It will look like this.


Step 24
Add a frame.
Then open second Text frame - close first Text frame.
Open second dog - close first dog.
Add a frame.
Repeat, always closing the previous one and opening the next.
Add a frame.

Step 25
When you have done the first five dogs and text, start with opening the first text frame again - closing the eye on the fifth text and keep going onto dog six.

Step 26
When you have done all the dogs
Add another Text frame using the third Text frame and no dog.
Add another Text frame using the fifth Text frame without dog.

Step 27
Leave timing at default.

Step 28
Go to Edit - resize - bring the hight down to 85. The width will adjust itself. Preview your animation.

preview animation

Step 29
If you like what you have done Optimize it.


I have my value at 128 line, otherwise it's has to many kb´s.

Step 30
Save as gif.


Hope my explanation was clear enough.




This Tutorial is the property of Hildi.