Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read

The idea for the ribbon came from an ad for Vitamin pills I have seen on television.
Any similarity to other tutorials is unintentional.

Let's start with extracting the zip and saving the graphic.
Remember to save often.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 400 x 200 - transparent.
open the paint can graphic - copy - paste onto the canvas.
Reduce the size with the transform.
Highlight the height-box and type in 150.  size
Select the pick tool and centre it  centre  and then (Photo/sharpen/sharpen) click on the right top one, click OK.

Step 2
Click on the paintbrush - go to None - Ribbon.


Click on the color and choose a nice color. (I have chosen green)
Size 25 - transparency 30 - no soft edge - click "paint as object".
Paint the first part of the ribbon like this.


Click out of paint as object.
With the eraser tool - straight line - square - erase the end to be flush with the can.



Step 3
Click on "paint as object" and paint the next part of the ribbon, but make sure the ribbon does not overlap.


Click out of paint as object and erase the end to be flush with the can.


Repeat with the last piece of the ribbon going around the back of the can using the same method.



Step 4
While the last piece of the ribbon is still active,
hold down the shift key and click on the other parts of the ribbon to activate them.
R/click - merge as single object.

Step 5
Now, click on the paintbrush again.

paint size

Size 3 -soft edge 15 - paint option none.
R/click on the color and choose window color.
Move the slider to a darker shade.
Go to Effect - creative - paint on edge.

paint on edge

Step 6
I call the curves of the ribbon "kinks".
Count your kinks to estimate how many times you have to duplicate the ribbon.


R/click on the ribbon - duplicate  duplicate  and keep duplicating till you have duplicated the right number for your kinks.
I have nine, but you may have more or less.

Step 7
Now close all the eyes of the duplicated ribbons,
except the first one and the graphic in the Layer Manager.


Step 8
Activate the first ribbon.
Click on the eraser tool - freehand - round and use a bigger size (25).
Erase all of the ribbon, leaving just the first kink.

eras ribbon1

Open the eye of next Ribbon and activate it.
Close the one below.
Repeat erasing up to the end of your next kink.

erase ribbon2

Repeat erasing, always open the eye above and activate.
Closing the eye below.
When you are halfway around the right hand paint can, erase the first kink as well.

erase as well

Keep erasing one kink less from the end and one kink more from the beginning.
Your layers should look like this.


If you run out of duplicates, undo the last one and duplicate that ribbon as many times you have kinks left.
Erase till no kink is left.

Step 9
We are going to crop the image now.
Open the eye of the first and last kink and the one around the can.
Now crop the image. We needed these kinks for not cropping off to much.
Close the eyes again.
Save as ufo

Step 10
Open the Gif Animator.


Open an existing file.


Close all the eyes of the ribbons except the first one and the paint cans in the Layer Manager.
Duplicate frame.
Close the first ribbon.
Open the second ribbon.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat, always open the next eye, closing the one below.
Duplicate frame.


Step 11
Click on the last frame (no ribbon) in the storyline.
R/click - Animation Properties - put in 75.
Click on the one before the last, scroll to the first frame.
Hold down the shift key and click on it.
They will be all highlighted.
R/click - Animation Properties - put in 15.


Step 12
Preview your animation.
If you like what you have created,
Optimize it. I have optimized mine with 128 line to keep the kb's down.
Save as gif


Hope you had fun creating the running ribbon and could follow my tut easily.




This tutorial is the property of Hildi.