Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Beginner
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material       = no material needed
Terms of use = Please read

This tutorial is just an explanation for Beginners how to make a colour run.
It has been written numorous times before and I do not claim copyright for it.
Let's start.

Step 1
I'm using my name.
Write your text in black - 3D round in a fat font.
Change the duplicate from 3D into pipe.

bevel setting

Change the width to one and the colour of your choice.

Step 2
Click on the black text to activate.
R/click - convert from path to image.


Duplicate seven times. (you have 8 names).

Layer Manger

In the Layer Manger, move the piped name to the top.
Close all the eyes of the black name except the first one and the piped name.

Go to Edit - Fill - magic gradient.

magic Gradient

I have choosen colour 30.
Make sure the ring is on zero. Click OK.
Open the eye on the next text.
Repeat, but change the wheel to 45
Repeat with all the others, changing the wheel to 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315.
When done, save as ufo.

Step 3
Now open your Gif Animator and animate it.

1. frame

Duplicate frame - open eye of second name - close eye of first name.
Repeat, always open the eye above, closing the eye below.

Hope I could clarify how to make a running colour.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.