Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here is Rosie Hartman's hourglass tutorial.
Terms of use = Please read


Create Rosie's hourglass or use the one from the Easypalette Path-objects.
R/click - select all objects - r/click - merge as single object.
Give your background a color. (I have mine in black)

Now, we are going to create the sand.

Step 1
Deselect the hourglass.
Click on the paintbrush, airbrush  airbrush  or chalk brush, whichever you feel comfortable with.

paint as object

Color #D19E5A - size 10 - softedge 1 - paint as object.


For demonstration, I made a new glass, but you paint on your created hourglass.
For the down running sand, use the straight line  down  and change to straight line instead of freehand.
When you are happy with the look of your sand, click out of Paint as object.
While the sand is still active, go to Photo - Noise - add noise - Option.
Click uniform - monochromatic - put in 15 - click OK.

Step 2
Now start again.
Click on Paint as object and paint the next lot of sand, but less sand on the top and more sand on the bottom.
Add Noise - twenty.

Step 3
Repeat till you have no sand left on the top.
Duplicate this layer.
With the eraser tool, erase the top part of the flowing sand.
Add noise.
Duplicate this layer and erase some more.
Repeat till there is just the sandhill left.


Step 4
Activate the hourglass only and duplicate it.
In the Layer Manager close all eyes, but keep your duplicate active.
Click on the transform tool - rotate 45 degree to the right.


Make a guideline in a contrasting color. (we delete this later)


Click on 'Paint as object' and paint the sand under the guideline.
Add Noise.
Duplicate the rotated hourglass.
Rotate 45 degree to the right.


Move the guideline and click on 'Paint as object'.
Paint the sand - add noise.


Duplicate the rotated hourglass.
Rotate 45 degree to the right.
Move the guideline and click on 'Paint as object'.
Paint the sand - add noise.

Step 5
Activate the first rotated hourglass and the matching sand - r/click - merge as single object.
Repeat with the other two.
Delete the guideline.
Your Layer Manager should look like this.

Layer manager

Now, r/click on one of the layers in the layer manager - select all objects.
Go to Adjust - Resize and resize to 250 height.


Save as ufo to a place you will find it again.

Step 6
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.

open animator

Find the ufo file.


Close all eyes above the first three.
Duplicate frame.

Step 7


Keep the eyes of the background and hourglass open.
Open the next sand and close the eye below.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat till you come to the rotated hourglass.

Step 8


Close the eye of the first hourglass, but keep the background open.
Open the eye of the first rotated hourglass.
Duplicate frame.
Repeat with the other two opening the one above, closing the one below.

Step 9
Set the timing somehow similar to this.


Preview your animation.
If you like what you have done,
Optimize it.
I have optimized mine with 128 line and it brought the kb's down to 64kb's.

Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.