blinking stars

Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read



Let's start...

Step 1
With opening a new canvas 500 x 200 - black.

new canvas

Step 2
Click on the Text tool - KR Starry Eyed - size 190 - 3d.


In the Material box, set the bevel width 4, depth 8, choose silver2.


Type the letter x and centre it.


Step 3
Crop the vanvas.


Step 4
Duplicate the stars two times (three frames).


Activate the first layer of stars.
Go to Photo - Noise - add noise - option.
Click on uniform and monochromatic - value ten - OK.
Repeat with the second and third layer of stars, changing the value to 15 & 20.

Step 5
Avtivate and open the eyes on all three star layers in the layer manager.
R/c and group - r/c and duplicate this group ten times ( you should have eleven frames).

Step 6
Close all eyes in the layer manager, except the first one.


Step 7
With the eraser tool tool

start from the top to erase most of the stars, leaving just a few on the bottom.


Adjust the size of the eraser according to the size of the star you are erasing.
Because the stars are grouped, you have to click a few times to erase them.

Step 8
Go to the next layer in the layer manager, activate it and open the eye, close the eye of the previous one.
Erase a few less stars.
Repeat till all the stars are showing. ( You should have five frames, the six is the full set of stars).

Step 9
Now we start again, but the opposite way.
On the sevens layer.
Start erasing from the bottom the same amount of stars you left in the first frame.
Go to the next frame, erase as many stars like you left in the second frame.
Repeat till you have only one star left.


Step 10
In the layer manager the lonely star is still activated.
R/c - ungroup.
Repeat with all the others.

Step 11
Now save it as ufo to a place you will find it again.

Step 12
Open Gif Animator.
Open an existing file and find your ufo file.

open existing file

Step 13
Close all eyes in the layer manager except the first one.- add a frame.

add a frame

Step 14
Open the second eye in the layer manager - close the eye of the first - add a frame.

add a frame

Repeat, always opening the next eye, closing the previous - add a frame.
You should have 33 frames.
On the last frame, close the one open eye in the layer manager, that we have a blank frame at the end.

Step 15
Click on the last frame in the storyline, scroll to the first frame,
hold down the shift key, and click on the first frame.
They will be all highlighted.
R/c on the highlighted storyline - Frame Properties and reduce the time to six.
Go to the empty last frame - r/c - change time to 50 or higher.

Step 16
In the layer manager open all the eyes and activate each frame except the black backgroud by holding down the Ctrl key.
Go to Edit - crop canvas.
Close all eyes again.

Step 17
Highlight the storyline.
Click on last frame - scroll to first frame - hold down shift key - click on first frame.
Edit - resize image to the hight of 150, the width will adjust itself.

resize image

Step 18
Preview your Animation.
Optimize it and Save as gif

Hope you had fun creating a star shower.




This tutorial is the property of Hildi.