Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Beginner
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of use = Please read


Before you start, open the hair and the teeth.
Activate the hair. Click on the stamp tool.
Click on the down arrow - add a stamp.
I added the Ding font. The letter r are the teeth if you like doing them yourself, but I have made them for you ready to use.

Let´s get started.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 300 x 300 - transparent.

Step 2
With the path-drawing tool path - eclipse - smooth-spine - Material - skin-K 08 - draw an oval not quite filling the canvas.
Deselect by clicking on the background.



Step 3
On some free space on your canvas, draw another oval for the nose with the same color.
With the path-editing tool edit shape the nose and move it to the center of the face.



Step 4
With the path-drawing tool, make another oval for eyes - same color (we change the color for the eye later).
Duplicate this oval three times. You have four ovals.

Step 5
Activate the first oval. Click on the path tool - Material box - change the color to white.
Duplicate - move to the other side of the face.

Step 6
With the path-drawing tool, draw another more rounder oval in black as Iris.
Duplicate and move to the other side.


Duplicate the black ones and move the duplicate up and to the left a little.

Step 7
Activate the third oval.
Click on the path tool, than on the editing tool and shape a half eyelid like this.


Duplicate and move to the other eye. Deselect.

Step 8
Activate the fourth oval.
Click on the path tool - edit tool and shape a small eyelid like this.


Duplicate and move to the other eye.

Step 9
With the path-drawing tool - Outline - Custom - the heart - Material box - reset and choose red.
In the Bevel Setting -width 6 - depth 15 - click out the smooth spine.
Draw a heart.

Step 10
Click on the edit tool, move the bottom up to make it round like this.


Step 11
Activate the teeth one at a time - copy & paste it into the mouth.
Move the mouth above the teeth. You may have to adjust the mouth with the distortion tool.

Step 12
Duplicate the mouth.
With the distortion tool - open lock lock - pull the lower part of the mouth down to look like it is wide open.
Copy & paste the teeth into the mouth and make them fit.
You may have to adjust the mouth again with the distortion tool.

Step 13
Activate the face (first Layer).
R/c - convert from path to image.
With the paintbrush and a darker red, size 20, paint the inside of the mouth.


Use the smaller mouth and no teeth as guide, but toggle between the big and small mouth to get it right.
You may have to adjust the smaller mouth again.
To give it more depth, use the burn-brush - size 30 - soft edge 50 - to darken the upper part.

Step 14
Now use the stamp tool and place hair all around the face.
While they are active, r/c and merge as sindle object.
If you like, you can change the color.
Photo - Color - Hue & Saturation. Hue- minus 23, saturation 10, lightness 13.

Step 15
Activate the face,nose and the white eyes, merge as single object.
Activate the small mouth and the matching teeth, merge as single object.
Repeat with the big mouth.
Repeat with all the other doubles like the big eyelids, half eyelids, small eyelids, the two upper irises and the lower irises.
The Layer Manager should look like this.


Step 16
Save as ufo

Step 17
Open Gif Animator.
Open an existing file.


Step 18


In the Layer Manager, open the eye of the face, first set of irises, the small lid, the big mouth and the hair.
Add a frame.

Step 19


In the Layer Manager, cose the eye of the first iris, open the second iris.
Close the small lid, open the half lid.
Add a frame.

Step 20
On the third frame, close the half lid, open the big lid.
Close the big moth, open the small mouth.

Step 21
In the storyline, click on the first frame - r/c Animation Properties - time 15.
Repeat with the second frame - time 5.
Repeat with third frame - time 30.

Step 22
Preview your animation and when you like what you have done,
Optimize it  optimize  and save as gif


Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.