Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Intermediate
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = Cupid - Font
Terms of use = Please read

I found the Cupid on the Internet with no markings on it and have made it into a png Graphic.
The Font is one of Kingthings and if you like another font, it's up to you.

Step 1
Open a new canvas - 550 x 200 - white.
Open the Cupid - copy - past on to the new canvas.
Resize the cupid to 150 hight.
Move the cupid to the left and keep selected.
With the standart selection tool,
Draw a rechtangle around the arrow like this.


R/c - convert to object.
Move this object to an emty space on the canvas.

Step 2
Now the fun start.
On the cupid, erase the front tip of the arrow and part of the arrowshaft which is above the arm.
On the first selection.
With the clone tool, clone away the arrow.
Clone the purple in the bow like this.


Don't forget the to clone the yellow as well.

Step 3
On the duplicated one,
Erase everything around the arrow.

Now you can close the eye of the background.

Step 4
Move the cloned selection on top of the Cupid and make it fit.
When you are happy with the look of it,
Select both, the selection and the cupid.
R/c - merge as single object.

Step 5
Duplicate the arrow about eight(8) times.
You may need more if your name is longer.
Now arrange them like this.


Step 6
Click on the text tool tool.
Choose a nice fat font.
I have used 'Kingthings Lickorishe' - size 58 - 3D round (smooth spine)- colour red.
Type your name.
Go to Mode and click on Horizontal Transform.


Now bend the text to fit the arrows.
When you are satisfied with the look, click on 3D round again.
Duplicate the name as often as you have arrows.
In the Layer Manager, move the name one at the time under an arrow.

Layer Manager

Step 7
Close all eyes except the cupid.
Open the eyes of the second name and arrow.
Activate the name.
Click on the z-merge tool z-merge and make a tick in the elevation panel elevation.
Zoom in that you can see what you are doing.
Now move the slider that the arrow goes into the text.
Activate both, name and arrow - r/c - merge as single object.
Repeat with the rest of names and arrows.

Step 8
If you can't get the elevation right, use the eraser instead.


Reduce the transparency on the arrow - use the straight upright tool and change the angle and width to match the letter of your name.
Erase just in the middle of every upright.
Put back the transparency and merge name and arrow as single object.
Repeat with all the others.
Now close all eyes in the Layer Manager.
Except the cupid - first arrow - first name.

Step 9
Save as ufo

Step 10
Open the Gif Animator.
Open an existing file and find your ufo file.


Your first frame will look like this.

1. frame

Duplicate frame.
Close the first arrow and name.
Open the second arrow and name.
Duplicate frame.
Close the second arrow and name.
Open the third arrow and name.
Repeat till you have done all the arrows and names.

Step 11
In the storyline, highlight the first frame.
R/c - animation properties - put in 50 for timing.
Repeat with the last frame and put in 75.
Leave the other frames at default.
Click on Preview and look if you like what you have done.
If you like it, Optimize it.
I have optimized with 64 photo to keep the kb's down.

Hope you could follow my tut easily.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.