animated worm

Author        = Hildi
Skill level    = Advanced
You need    = PIx3 or a lower version - Gif Animator
Knowledge of how to use PI
Material        = here
Terms of Use = Please read

I found the worm on the net with no information of copyright. If you are the creator I would like to give you credit. I have animated the worm.


Let's get started.

Step 1
Opening a new canvas - 550 x 110 - transparent.


Step 2
With the Text tool - black - size 58 - 3D round, type your name all in capital letters with the font provided in this tutorial.

Step 3
Click out of the text tool and click on it again. In the Tool Setting pop-up, split Text as Character.


Step 4
Your Layer Manager should look like this.


Step 5
Click on your first letter in the Layer Manager,  Activate the distortion tool.


Pull the left upper corner up and out.


Move the letter a bit to the left to give yourself more room to work.

Step 6
Repeat distorting all letters.

Step 7
Activate the first letter, r/c and duplicate.
Click on the Text tool and change from 3D to Pipe.


Step 8

In the Material box materialbox change the width to 2 and the color to your liking.


Step 9
Repeat with the other letters, always changing the width and the color.
(I have given each Frame a different color).

Step 10
Activate all colored Frames, r/c - merge as single object.

Step 11
Activate all black letters, r/c - merge as single object.
With the bucket fill, give your letters a nice color to compliment your Frames.

Step 12
Open the Easy Palette.


Under 'Special Effects' - Fill & Texture, choose Emboss 1
R/c and modify.


Click on the second sunflower, choose a Texture.


Click on 'Animate'.

Step 13
Follow the screen shot.


Click the arrow on the right side till you have ten frames.
Click on the loop, than on the 'go'button and preview the Animation.
Click out of perview, click on 'save' and save it to a place you will find it again.

Step 14
Open the Worm Animation.


Step 15
In the Layer Manager, delete the colored background letters.
Crop the canvas like this.


Step 16
Copy one worm - activate your main canvas, paste.
Move the worm on top of your first letter.
Deselect by clicking on an empty space.
Repeat with the second worm and move it a bit forward.

Step 17
Copy the first worm, paste and move it forward.
Copy the second worm, move forward.
Repeat till you are at the end of your name.
You may need to adjust the angel with the transform rotate tool.
I have nine worms.
It should look like this.


Step 18
Save as ufo.

Step 19
Open Gif Animator.


Open an existing file and find your worm ufo file.

Step 20
Close all eyes except the colored frame and the first worm.


Add a frame.

Step 21
Open the eye on the second worm,
Close the eye on the first worm.
Add a frame.
Repeat opening the next eye - closing the previous eye - add a frame.

Step 22
Activate the first frame in the storyline by clicking on it.
Add image
find your background Animation you made in the EP.


Step 23
While all the backgrounds are active in the Layer Manager,click on them,
by holding down your finger on the mouse and pull them down to the bottom.
Now pull down the bg image that it fits nicely into the colored frame.

Step 24
Go to Properties - position & size, write dow the position.


Yours may differ from mine.

Step 25
Activate the next frame in the storyline.
Go to Properties and put in the position you wrote down.
Repeat till you have done them all.

Step 26
On the last frame in the storyline, close the eye of the first worm.
We are leaving just the frame without a worm.

Step 27
Activate all frames in the layer Manager by holding down the Ctrl key and open all eyes as well.


go to Edit - crop canvas.


Step 28
Click on the first frame in the storyline.
R/c - Animation Properties - change the time - follow the screen shot.


You can play with the timing if you like.

Step 29
When you like what you have done.
Optimize it and save as gif.

I hope my explanations where easy to follow.



This tutorial is the property of Hildi.